Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does EarthNet get compensated?

When we are recommending network services, we get compensated from the carriers that the customer selects. The residual commission is paid monthly for the life of the account. This gives EarthNet a vested interest in making sure our customers stay with us forever.

2.  Who do we get billed from, the carrier or EarthNet?

The carrier sends a bill directly to the customer for monthly services. However, EarthNet reviews the bills on a quarterly basis to insure that the customer is being billed correctly for rates and taxes.

3.  Who services our account if there is a problem?

Customers always receive support through a toll-free number from all the carriers. We recommend our customers call the carriers to open a trouble ticket to get the clock started. Then, they should then call EarthNet where we will drive the ticket to get resolution quickly through our contacts with the carriers.

4.  Why would someone buy through a telecom consultant instead of going directly to the carriers?

Time, cost and headache. EarthNet is carrier neutral, so we recommend the carrier and products that suits the customers needs not try and fit the customer with a particular set of products one carrier offers. Instead of meeting with multiple carriers many times, you can meet with EarthNet only and let us do the work for you. One point of contact for everything.

5.  Does it cost anything to switch carriers?

In some cases there are installation charges from the carrier to install new circuits. In addition, your hardware vendor will be needed to help facilitate the switch so that would be a cost as well. However, EarthNet does not charge a fee when selling network services.

6.  How is EarthNet Consulting involved after the implementation of new services?

We will always be the main point of contact when servicing your account. Furthermore, we will insure that you are billed properly, stay competitive in the market in terms of price and recommend new services throughout our relationship.